Pretty In Pink

For a change of pace, this set was shot in the Florida apartment of the make-up artist, in her bedroom. It's one of Chloe's most unusual stylings. The pink wig, the sheer bodysuit (whatever that material is, it's really sexy) and the FM shoes make her look super-hot and super-slutty, ready to shag your brains out. Chloe looks like a cross between the futuristic female assassin (Mila Jovovich) in the movie Ultraviolet, the futuristic female assassin (Charlize Theron) in Aeon Flux and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.
Featuring: Chloe Vevrier
Date: September 20th, 2023
Photos: 45

Member Comments

Chloe's cunt exposed through the slit of bottom slit body tights, her thick meaty labia protruding through the slit, and the gray-burgundy color of her spread vaginal wall, together with the somewhat dirty image, althoug her large round amazing clitoris is hidden under her lustful critral foreskin, however, the dirty image is rather sensual. It is good. I have the urge to slurp her meaty labia and insert my tongue deep into her pussy canal and suck out every last drop of her delicious pussy juice.

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