Hirsute: No Landing Strip!

Hirsute: No Landing Strip!

From 1996 comes this hirsute pictorial of Chloe in London. Chloe's pits and bits have hair to spare. It was the logical result of readers' letters asking for more. While the belief that a natural-breasted model should be unshaved is open to heavy debate, it's an undeniable fact that Europeans are not as razor or depilatory-oriented as Americans. So in this set, Chloe's pussy and asscrack are follicle-friendly. The only deficiency in this pictorial is that there is a noteworthy lack of close-ups of her gorgeous pussy and delightful butthole accentuated by that pastoral thatch.
Featuring: Chloe Vevrier
Date: September 17th, 2023
Photos: 95

Member Comments

This photo series is also my favorite.
Chloe's cunt is really nice !!
I love how many of the shots have her foreskin lifted up to expose her big clit.
The close-ups in photos 39, 81, and 90 are especially phantastic. I have the desire to tongue-suck her round clitoris as it pops out !!
The pubic hair in this series is not thick, but I like that it is there.
The faces are amateurish and fresh.
The hairstyles are cute too.

She is perfect

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