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The time: October, 1996. The place: the John Graham Studio in London, where many of the classic Chloe pictorials were produced. This "Attic" set with that recognizable large wall clock was also used to photograph several other big-bust models, most notably Rachel Rocketts, a former SCORE model and Cruisemate on Boob Cruise 1998, and the great Linsey Dawn McKenzie, who posed on this set for a spread called "Hollywood Vixen," archived on This was a traditional pictorial shot men's magazine-style, the camera is straight-on, like photographing a stage play. The emphasis is on the model's posing skill within the frame rather than camera angles and close-ups.
Featuring: Chloe Vevrier
Date: September 14th, 2023
Photos: 89

Member Comments

2 months ago 

Please see photo 63.
Slender body, thin and tight waist, natural huge jugs hanging erotically from side to side, thighs wide open on both sides, a voluptuous pink and also erotic cunt in the middle of them, beautiful face with mouth half open, really makes me want to suck her all parts of body!!

2 months ago 

This photo series is another masterpiece and one of my favorites. It should be noted that she was slimmer during this period. This made her sagging, naturally huge jugs appear larger and more erotic. Look at the photo of her sitting on a cart with her legs spread wide, her erotic pink cunt open, her foreskin lifted and her big round clitoris protruding. (Photos 65-67) What a slimmer waist! She looks like a different person from the plump figure on her current official website.
And it should be noted that the pose is from the left rear, with her minor labia spread wide. (Photos 81-82)
How beautiful, fantastic and erotic is the inner pink of the widely spread minor labia. Her cunt looks larger and more erotic than usual, and the beautifully spread minor labia , like flower petals, have a huge impact.
Similar to the pose in which the major and minor labia are spread from the front, the foreskin is lifted and the clitoris is thrust out, this pose, in which the minor labia are spread wide from behind to make the cunt look bigger like a flower petal, is sometimes seen in her current official site. I assume it is her own favorite pose, knowing that she can make an impact on the guys.

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