coming soon: Chloe, Carrie and Danni Ashe

Chloe, Carrie and Danni Ashe

As 1995 drew to a close, quite a few tit-men were frozen in their tracks by the cover of February 1996 Voluptuous Magazine. They were staring at the cover photo of Chloe sandwiched by a kneeling Danni Ashe, glued to Chloe's chest, while Carrie, standing behind Chloe, stuck her tongue out to kiss her.

The exact cover photo isn't in this set since all photographs used in the production of a print magazine are kept locked away in what is sometimes called an "actuals" folder. "Actuals" meaning the transparencies actually used in the making of a magazine. The magazine layout was eight pages, 16 photographs, including a centerfold of Chloe, Carrie and Danni with their asses to the reader. A lot of us blew many man-loads that month on this pictorial. The centerfold picture was magnificent even though it went against the formula because it wasn't a boob shot.

This pictorial was shot in London at John Graham's studio. Here in ChloesWorld, you get the mega-set. Carrie was an English model,…
Featuring: Carrie, Chloe Vevrier, and Danni Ashe
Photos: 64

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